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Specializing in conservative care,
surgical intervention & joint reconstruction of lower extremities

Dr. Morgan is trained to diagnose a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions such as fractures, sprains, carpal tunnel etc.,


Dr. Thane Morgan is an Amarillo, Texas based orthopedic surgeon with 24 years of experience in Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine.

Thane Morgan, MD

Thane Morgan, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon & sports medicine specialist

Specializing in the field of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Morgan is prepared to treat a wide range of injuries to the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons...

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We specialize in orthopedic services designed toward sports injuries and pain management.
Get relief fromhip & Knee injuries

Hip Fracture

The hip joint is a “ball and socket” joint. The “ball” is the head of the femur, or thighbone, and the “socket” is the cup shaped acetabulum.

Inflammatory Arthritis

Inflammation of the joints is referred to as arthritis. The inflammation arises when the smooth covering (cartilage) at the end surfaces of the bones wears away.

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy is a common surgical procedure performed using an arthroscope, a viewing instrument, to diagnose or treat a knee problem.